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Zwierzę rozumne - Spotkania z Akwinatą nr 17

#człowiek #filozofia #arystoteles
Kim jest człowiek? Jak różni filozofowie próbują na to pytanie odpowiedzieć? Jak odpowiada Arystoteles? Czy jego odpowiedź jest kompletna? ks. Piotr Dzierżak FSSPX

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Incorrupt Sister Wilhelmina, osb ~ Foundress of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles

#SisterWilhelmina #Incorruptible #BenedictinesofMaryQueenofApostles #Missouri #Catholic #Benectines #TraditionalLatinMass #LatinMass #CatholicChurch From the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles : - Our beloved foundress, Sr Wilhelmina (Lancaster) of the Most Holy Rosary, born in St. Louis Missouri, died May 29, 2019 at 95 years of age. - With the preparation of our St. Joseph altar uderway, and after much prayer, we decided the rightful place of our holy foundress was in the Church. This practice is very common in religious communities, even before their cause has been introduced. - Sister had been buried in the ground in a simple wooden coffin, without any embalming or vault, with a puddle of water at the bottom of the grave. - On April 28, the Feast of St Louis Marie DeMontfort the Sisters exhumed her. The top had caved in at the time of burial, so dirt had gotten in and lay over her remains - Not only was her body in a remarkable preserved condition, her crown and bouquet of flowers were dried in place, the profession candle with the ribbon, her crucifix, and rosary were all intact. Even more remarkable was the complete preservation of her holy habit, made from natural fibers, for which she fought so vigorously throughout her religious life. The synthetic veil was perfectly intact, while the lining of the coffin, made of very similar material, was completely deteriorated and gone. - The careful process of cleaning and removing the dirt and mold began, and the body began to lose volume since the initial exhumation with exposure to air. Thus some shrinking and darkening took place. All facial features were visible, but as falling dirt had caused damage, especially to the right eye, a Sister carefully crafted a wax mask to cover the face. - Sister is laid out here until the completion of the St. Joseph altar, now under construction, and due to be installed in our Church behind the high altar on May 29th, the anniversary of her death. Encased in glass, and behind a removable frontal, she can welcome her growing number of devotees. - Once the popular cultus is well established, her cause for sainthood may be introduced within the Diocese, so that Sister's holiness may eventually be recognized by Holy Mother Church.

A miracle for faithfulness to Tradition - The INCORRUPT body of African-American Nun Sister Wilhelmina

The deceased body of Sr. Wilhelmina of the Most Holy Rosary, foundress of the Benedictine Sisters of Mary, Queen of the Apostles in Gower Missouri, was exhumed and discovered to be incorrupt despite being buried in a wood coffin without embalming. - We provide sources:

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Przegląd tradycjonalistyczny #28 - Kamil Klimczak, Piotr Błaszkowski

Victoria Gillick | Catholic parents vs state contraception for teens | Who is the parent? | oo9

Much like the clown in Stephen King's 'It', contraception has done an amazing job of pretending its your friend while devouring the best human society has to offer and covering it in a veil of fear. It separates you from family, from communities, from the children you'll never have. Isolating the options you perceive available to those that rely heavily on increasingly large government. 'We're pro family' they'll tell you. 'This government (insert government of choice) provides free childcare'. So mum and dad can get back out there to earn more taxes for the nanny state to provide that parental arm. Much like a 'free press' there was a time when the family acted has a natural bulwark against an over reaching state. God's plan for society provides many checks and balances. Our fallen human nature needs them. In marriage, family, in society, in national institutions. Institutional/organised religion often get s a bad rep, not warm, fuzzy and free enough. My usual response is to ask the question would I rather an unorganised Armed forces to better repel invasion? No, I wouldn't. To advance the case we present this episode. Skills and systems seem to travel and survive better when part of an institution but so too does wisdom. The secular conservative argument is beginning to catch the coattails of contraception's terrible effects. UK 'feminists' have even been crunching the data. The Catholic church though saw much (possibly all) of this coming from the beginning. Pope Paul VI's document Humanae Vitae was the real life mystic Meg of the 60s. The wisdom then has proved painfully accurate now. Compare it even to the Lambeth conference in the 1930s where the Church of England opened the door to contraception 'just for married couples'.
We put it to you dear viewer. Contraception is not in God's plan Wisdom is a thing. How it survives and grows and is received is a thing. A thing worth fighting for. We may as individuals say we did not start the fire but we have a Christian duty, still, to fight it.

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PART 1: What Is The Traditional Latin Mass? Holy Cross Church Kenya

#catholic #mass #tradition
In this Part 1 of a three-part series, we get to understand the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) with Fr. Peter (Priest-in-Charge) at Holy Cross Church Kenya together with Magero, an altar server and parishioner at the TLM.

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Wartościowe publikacje: o Kościele i nie tylko - Piotr Błaszkowski

Możliwość zakupu książek:

Z kalendarza liturgicznego: Niedziela po Wniebowstąpieniu Pańskim

Od chwili Wniebowstąpienia Chrystusa cechą charakterystyczną życia Kościoła jest tęsknota za Jego powrotem. Nie jest to jednak bierne oczekiwanie. Kościół, prowadzony przez Ducha Świętego, składa świadectwo o swoim Założycielu, zwłaszcza przez praktykę miłości. Modlimy się dzisiaj o wierność w służbie Bożej (kolekta) i wzmocnienie naszych dusz łaską niebieską (sekreta).
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