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Open letter concerning Mrs. Linda Gibbons

Her Excellency
Ambassador of  Canada in Poland
Alexandra Bugailiskis

Open letter concerning Mrs. Linda Gibbons
Madam Ambassador,
We wish to express our firm opposition to detention and putting in prison of the pro-life activist Mrs. Linda Gibbons. This wonderful person devotes her life and health to save the lives of unborn children who are not treated by Canadian law as "people", not as subjects of the law, but as "objects" who do not have any rights.
The law on the admissibility of abortion, or the right to kill the unborn, yet man, is a crime, offending human and divine laws. Canada adopted such law, becoming the "unjust country" in the eyes of the Creator.
To those who doubt that the fetus is a human being it is recommended to consult a standard ultrasound exam.
Encouraged by remaining in Poland Mrs. Mary Wagner, who as a pro-life activist also became a victim of the oppressive laws of Canada, spending 23 months in prison, we express our deep indignation and opposition to this kind of practices. For the Poles, who grew up in the communist system, the current Canadian law does which does not protect the unborn and which is closing actively protesting pro-life activists in prisons is a clear totalitarianism.
A country without morality becomes a hostage of positive law. Positive law without rules becomes oppression, here: against defenseless unborn children.

Yours sincerely

Piotr Błaszkowski,

Poland, Gdańsk, October 17, 2014

Receivers of a copy of the letter:
1. Mrs. Linda Gibbons
Vanier CW, Box 1040, 655 MARTIN ST, MILTON ON, L9T 5E6, CANADA
2.nd Parliament of Canada, 111 Wellington Street, Ottawa

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